Ex-Google CEO calls AI an ‘existential threat’


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that AI is an “existential risk” that could cause many people to “get hurt or die.” Writes about it CNBC.

At present, he does not consider the threat to be serious. However, in the near future, AI may help find software security flaws or new species.

“It’s important to make sure these systems aren’t used by evil people,” Schmidt said.

The expert does not have an unequivocal opinion on the need to regulate AI. However, he believes that the US will not have a dedicated technology oversight body.

Previously, Schmidt served on the US National Security Commission on AI. In 2021, the agency published a report stating that the United States was not ready for the impact of technology on the country.

Recall that in March, industry leaders, researchers and famous personalities like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak signed an open letter calling for a suspension of experiments with AI for six months.

However, Schmidt did not support the introduction of a pause in the development of technology. According to him, this will only give an advantage to competitors in China.

In May, the head of OpenAI, Sam Altman, spoke before the US Congress and supported the regulation of artificial intelligence.

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