Events in Ukraine by 12:00 Feb. 3: Energodar car explosion, US to hand over precision bombs to Kyiv

The international edition of the Federal News Agency reports on the situation in Ukraine and Donbas by the morning of February 3.


Russian artillery hit military targets in Kherson. Kamyshans, Antonovka and Berislav were also under fire. The Ukrainian military responded with a blow to Kakhovka.

In the Zaporizhia direction, hostilities entered a phase of low intensity. The zone of shelling by the Russian armed forces was reduced, strikes were made on Novodanilovka, Charivnoye, Gulyaipole, Malinovka and Poltavka.

Chairman of the movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov reported a car bombing in Energodar, which killed one person (preliminarily: a police officer), and windows in nearby apartment buildings were shattered by the blast.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation expanded the zone of responsibility of the Southern Military District to the newly annexed republics of Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

The situation in the Donbass

The intensity of hostilities on the Donetsk front has decreased. Russian troops on the ground carried out offensive operations in the Vodiane area. Artillery worked on objects in Novomikhailovka, Pobeda, the western part of Maryinka, Georgievka, Krasnogorovka, Nevelsk, Pervomaisk, Severny, Avdeevka and New York.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) again attacked Donetsk and Gorlovka. To the south-west of Bakhmut, pro-Russian units, supported by artillery, resumed assault operations in the direction of Ivanovskoye.

Southwest of Krasnaya Gora, in Paraskovievka, Russian volunteers attacked a stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. To the north-west of Soledar, they conducted assault operations in the Vasyukovka area. Also, Russian forces once again attacked Disputed, the fighting continues.

In the Lugansk direction, northwest of Belogorovka, Russian units are advancing from the direction of the settlement of Dibrova, and are also advancing in the areas of Krasnopopovka and Ploshanka, trying to push the Armed Forces of Ukraine across the Zherebets River. Head-on battles continue in Novoselovskoye.


Bloomberg reports that the United States will deliver GLSDB precision bombs to Ukraine no earlier than nine months after they are included in the new military aid package. The cost of the first batch will not exceed $200 million.

By noon on February 3, an air raid alert was issued throughout the country. This is due to the rise into the air of Russian strike aircraft.


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