Events in Ukraine at 12:00 June 26: evacuation from Severodonetsk, Kyiv transfers mercenaries to Nikolaev

International EditionFederal News Agencyreports on the situation in Ukraine and Donbas by the morning of June 26.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu inspected the Russian grouping of troops involved in a special military operation in Ukraine. He heard reports from the commanders on the current situation and actions in the main operational areas.

Special attention was paid to the organization of comprehensive support for military operations, as well as the creation of all necessary living conditions for Russian military personnel at temporary deployment points.

Shoigu presented the Gold Star medals of the Hero of Russia and the Order of Courage to the fighters who distinguished themselves during the CMD.


The people’s militia of the DPR in the morning report reported that over the past day, Ukrainian armed formations fired more than 200 shells on the territory of the republic from BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems, cannon artillery with a caliber of 155, 152 and 122 mm, as well as 120 mm mortars.

The fire was fired at the districts of 13 settlements. As a result of the attacks, two civilians were injured. 21 residential buildings were damaged, as well as a civilian infrastructure facility.

Joint actions of units of the DPR and the RF Armed Forces destroyed 2 BM-21 Grad MLRS, a tank, a Furia UAV, and 2 armored vehicles. 3 enemy firing points were suppressed in the areas of the settlements of Avdeevka, New York (former Novgorodskoye) and Dyleevka.

From the beginning of the day on June 26, the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire in the direction of Donetsk, as well as the settlements of Gorlovka and Staromikhaylovka.

Fighting continues for Berestovoe, as well as in the area of ​​​​Nikolaevka near the Bakhmut-Lysichansk highway.

Fierce clashes are taking place in the areas of Klinovoye and Pokrovsky. Ukrainian formations continue to hold Semigorye.

Positional battles are being conducted near the Avdeevka-Konstantinovka highway, as well as on the outskirts of New York. military expert Boris Rozhin reports that after the build-up of the counter-battery fight of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the intensity of shelling of Donetsk by the Armed Forces of Ukraine has slightly decreased.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that Russian troops inflicted fire damage on enemy positions in the areas of Mayakov, Piskunovka and Seversk. Sources say that the RF Armed Forces also hit Mount Karachun, a dominant height in the vicinity of Kramatorsk, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are based.

Chairman of the Public Chamber of the DPR Alexander Kofman stated that the issue of recognition of the republic by foreign countries for Donetsk is intermediate. The key, according to him, is now the topic of joining Russia.


The people’s militia of the LPR in the morning report reported that over the past day, Ukrainian armed formations in clashes with units of the republic lost 40 personnel, 5 armored personnel carriers, 4 vehicles. At the same time, 8 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine laid down their arms.

The department confirmed the complete liberation of Severodonetsk and the completion of the cleansing of the Azot plant. At the moment, the fighters of the NM LPR are evacuating civilians who became hostages of the nationalists on the territory of the enterprise.

Over the past day, Ukrainian formations shelled the village of Svatovo, using a Tochka-U ballistic missile. During the night-morning of June 26, another Tochka-U was fired at Stakhanov. At 08:00 in the morning, shelling of the village of Kremennaya was recorded using mortars of 120 mm caliber.

Fighting continues on the southern outskirts of Lisichansk, clashes are going on for a gelatin plant and a glass factory. According to the Telegram channel “Rybar”, Belaya Gora is in the “gray zone”, the fighting in the village also continues. The only road to Lisichansk from Seversk remains under fire control of the RF Armed Forces.

The liquidation of the boiler in Zolote and Gorskoye is underway. Local centers of nationalist resistance are being destroyed.


The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a report reported that Ukrainian positions in the areas of the settlements of Udy, Kharkiv, Bazalievka, Russian Tishki, Stary Saltov, Verkhny Saltov, Kutuzovka, Rubizhnoye, Dementievka, Chepol, Svetlichnoye, Korobochkino, Ivanovka, Shestakovo were subjected to attacks by the RF Armed Forces in the Kharkiv direction and Pechenegs.

In the morning, the Kyiv authorities reported shelling objects in the city. Presumably, one of the targets was the defense plant “Artem”. In addition, there were reports of strikes near the city of Cherkasy.

Also, shelling of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Sumy region is announced – in the areas of the settlements of Seredina-Buda and Krasnopolye. In the Zaporizhia region, the attacks fell on the areas of Gulyaipole, Belogorye and Zeleny Pole.

“Rybar” reports on the transfer of additional units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog direction. So, in the vicinity of Posad-Pokrovsky, a group of Italian mercenaries arrived with a batch of Javelin anti-tank systems. Reserves were transferred to Nikolaevka, and M777 howitzers were delivered in the vicinity of Shesternya and Fedorovka.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that NATO is not considering Ukraine’s entry into the bloc.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to use the G7 and NATO summits to urge France and Germany to expand their military support to Ukraine.


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