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Europe starts spending winter gas supplies


Due to reductions in gas supplies from Russia, European countries are forced to use reserves intended for the winter. This applies to Austria, Germany, Italy and France. These countries are receiving less gas, as Gazprom suspended the operation of Siemens gas turbines due to problems with repairs.

Bloomberg reports that stocks in EU vaults have fallen by one percentage point. Usually in the summer these reserves are never spent, but only accumulated for the peak of the winter season. However, if Nord Stream stops completely, Europe will exhaust its reserves by January.

Deliveries through the pipeline have been reduced to 67 million cubic meters of gas per day, compared to the planned 167 million. Gazprom explains that this is due to the repair of gas turbines – now only two are functioning. The units need to be repaired regularly, for which key equipment has been sent to Montreal for maintenance.

Now, due to the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Canada, the equipment cannot be returned. As well as another turbine that requires maintenance, it cannot currently be shipped to Canada. Berlin and Ottawa are consulting on this issue.


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