EU does not intend to restrict oil and gas purchases from Russia

The European Union does not plan to restrict the supply of oil and gas from Russia for the sake of purchasing them from other countries, said the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell. According to him, supplies will decrease on their own after the gradual transition of the EU to “green energy”. Mr. Borrell discussed this topic at a press conference in Brussels dedicated to the updated EU strategy for relations with the Russian Federation.

According to the European diplomat, the decline in oil purchases “will greatly affect Russia.” “We do not intend to restrict oil and gas imports only from Russia in order to take them from other suppliers. But as our “green transition” is taking place, the consumption of oil and gas in Europe will decline, especially oil, ”explained Mr. Borrell (quoted by TASS).

This year Gazprom kept the “conservative scenario” for gas supplies to Europe at the level of 183 billion cubic meters. m per year. In fact, this is the maximum volume that the company can pump without additional booking of Ukrainian capacities. By the summer, gas prices in Europe reached their highs. The quotes are supported, in particular, by the limited gas supply from the main suppliers – Russia and Norway.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Gas in Europe has not fallen in price by the summer.”

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