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“EU and Britain”: Wasserman explained where “Kyiv terrorists” can escape


There are many places in the world where the Kyiv terrorists can escape. About it in an interview FAN State Duma deputy said Anatoly Wasserman.

Former Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz expressed the hope that the EU summit would agree to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for membership in the community.

“This status, under the current circumstances, will give the terrorist group “Ukraine” another reason to confuse the heads of the inhabitants of the territories it occupies, causing them even more damage,” Wasserman emphasized. – For yourself, the environment Vladimir Zelensky and he himself will be able to buy time: both to plunder the remnants of the lands remaining under their control, and to reach an agreement with the West on their own evacuation to countries where they can spend the stolen money.

According to the deputy, the leaders of the Kyiv terrorists will go either to the EU or to the UK.

No wonder the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with enviable regularity rides to Kyiv, – said the parliamentarian. “In general, I should note that there are quite a lot of places in the world where the Ukrainian leadership can escape.”

At the moment, during a special military operation, Russia has liberated Kherson, as well as a number of settlements in the Zaporozhye region. At the same time, Kharkiv remains under the control of Ukrainian radicals. Residents of the city complain that the militants place their fortifications in residential areas. The armed forces of the LPR and DPR, meanwhile, continue to liberate their territory.



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