Estonia will allow citizens of the Russian Federation to resolve consular issues outside the embassy

Russian citizens will be able to resolve consular issues in Estonia outside the embassy in Tallinn. This was announced on January 26 by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic, Urmas Reinsalu.

“Countries have the right to perform consular tasks in Estonia outside of Tallinn by organizing one-time consular missions. A one-time consular mission in Estonia means such consular activities that are carried out outside the embassy no more than once a month, two days in a row, ”the press service of the ministry quoted him as saying.

Reinsalu added that the Estonian Foreign Ministry will send an explanatory note to the Russian embassy in Tallinn and monitor its implementation.

The need for consular missions arose after the closure of the consulates in Narva and Tartu, in the area where a significant number of Russian citizens live. For some of them, travel to Tallinn became difficult due to their age. According to the ERR TV and radio company, the authorities of Narva are ready to provide premises in the city library for organizing consular receptions by the Russian Embassy.

On January 11, Estonia informed Russia of the need to reduce the number of diplomats working at the Russian embassy in Tallinn from 21 to eight by February 1. They also announced the need to reduce the number of seconded administrative, technical and service workers from 23 to 15.

In response to this, on January 23, Moscow lowered the level of diplomatic relations with Tallinn. The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation explained that this decision was made against the background of the unfriendly policy of the Baltic Republic. On the same day, Estonian Ambassador Margus Laidre was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where he was strongly protested and recommended to leave Russia by February 7.

Estonia also downgraded diplomatic relations to chargé d’affaires. On January 23, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic ordered the Russian ambassador to leave the country simultaneously with the departure of the Estonian diplomat from Moscow.

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