Elon Musk began trading in red shorts

Elon Musk decided to plunge into the world of fashion. He released a line of casual clothing with the symbols of his own company Tesla – and was faced with an unusual demand. Mask shorts were sold out in a matter of hours, reports TMZ.

Thus, the businessman fulfilled the promise that he made on Twitter the other day – after the profit figures of his company in the second quarter exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. Tesla shares jumped sharply, which greatly upset speculators working on short sales. In this regard, Muskreported:

“Tesla will launch fabulous red satin shorts with gold trim.”

With this promise, the businessman mocked investors who prefer short positions (short selling, that is, shorts).

Elon announced that Tesla mini-shorts will be sold on Sunday on the company’s official website for $ 69,420 (about 4,900 rubles). A few minutes after he tweeted, the entire line in every size was sold out.

It is difficult to say whether Musk really took up the production of clothing or simply brought trolling to a new level. It may well be that in this way the entrepreneur distracts the attention of the public from more scandalous news, exposing it in a bad light.

For example, last week, the Germans prevented the Mask from opening a harmful production near Berlin. And even earlier, he was completely accused of destroying an entire village.

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