Economist Zavyalov warned Russians about rising prices for milk, eggs and sausage in autumn

MOSCOW, 14 Aug — Products in Russia, as in many other countries, traditionally rise in price in the fall. If we compare prices with the summer months, there is reason to expect a gradual rise in prices for dairy products, eggs, sausages, and vegetables, told Dmitry Zavyalov, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Logistics of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, to Prime Agency.

He recalled that prices for fish products and pork rise mainly at the end of the year, while poultry prices rise seasonally in autumn. Coffee and tea usually rise in price throughout the year, but within the framework of general inflation, without sharp jumps. Fruits rise in price from May to June, in August they traditionally become cheaper, and in September the price gradually rises.

“Bread prices are sometimes cited as a price marker and correlated with the harvest, but one must understand that the “grain” component in the cost of bread is not as large as it seems,” the expert added. According to him, bread, like most products, is becoming more expensive due to rising costs for gas, electricity, logistics, and wages, and not at all because of the agricultural component.

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