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Ecologist admits the appearance of radioactive fish in the Russian Federation due to a leak at a nuclear power plant in Japan

Ecologist, co-chairman of the Union of Ecological Organizations of the City of Moscow Andrey Frolov commented on Monday, August 1, about the information that a leak of radioactive water occurred at the Japanese Mihama nuclear power plant.

According to the expert, Japan is far enough from Russia and there is no direct threat to the residents of Vladivostok, the Kuriles or Sakhalin.

However, the expert believes that there is a risk of radiation contamination of fish that can swim to the shores of Kamchatka or Sakhalin.

“Leakage is a threat to aquatic organisms that can perceive this water. They migrate. Herring can sail from this area to Sakhalin or Kamchatka. Or salmon. For them, there are no borders in the ocean. Swim as they please. When there was an accident at Fukushima, the total background radiation in the Pacific Ocean doubled. Although it is huge, it occupies half the planet. It was not dangerous for a person, but for the planet it was a significant blow. Now the leakage is much less than at Fukushima. But there is a risk that some microorganisms will become infected and can get into the food chain and enter the human body. But the level of radiation will still not reach maximum concentrations, ”he said in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel.

According to the ecologist, the most dangerous thing is if there is a leak of water with so-called hot particles.

“It is not known what water has leaked. The danger of radiation is not that the general background rises, it has little effect on the body. There are so-called hot particles – dust, soot, they can carry much more pollution than the general background. If hot particles enter the esophagus, it can cause stomach cancer. This is a rare case, but theoretically it is possible, ”Frolov concluded.

Earlier in the day, a leak of seven tons of water with radioactive elements occurred at the third reactor of the Mihama Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Japan in Fukui Prefecture, RT reports.

The leak occurred inside the power unit. The company claims that the leak will not have an impact on the environment, writes REGNUM.

Earlier, on July 24, the energy company Kansai Electric Power restarted the third reactor of the Takahama nuclear power plant.

The start of commercial operation of the reactor is tentatively scheduled for August 19.

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