EC: banks can accept payments from the Russian Federation for transit to Kaliningrad, this is not a violation of sanctions

EU sanctions against Russia do not limit payments related to transit to the Kaliningrad region, said the official representative of the European Commission (EC) Arianna Podesta.

She stressed that the sanctions apply only to payments made by individuals or legal entities under restrictions.

“The Lithuanian authorities are competent and should assure banks that transactions related to the transit of trains are not prohibited under EU sanctions. Alternatives to such payments can be discussed in more detail with Lithuanian institutions. For example, this could be the use of other banks or legal entities,” – quoting Podesta LTR.

She also recalled that the European Commission has established guidelines on the basis of which it is assumed that transit between Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia can continue under the established conditions and during the checks that the Lithuanian side can carry out.

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