Ducati Launches First Collectible NFTs on XRP Ledger

Ducati Launches First Collectible NFTs on XRP Ledger

World famous motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is launching the previously announced NFT collection powered by XRP Ledger.

Ducati is set to launch a series of NFT collections on the XRP Ledger in partnership with Web3Pro. Through digital collectibles, Ducati aims to tell the story of its legendary humble beginnings, exciting present and exciting future.

The company has removed the waitlist as it plans to release its first free digital collectible on July 26th. This initial limited edition is a video composition that shows the metamorphosis of the Ducati logos featured on motorcycles manufactured from 1946 to 2023. To be eligible for this gift, users must register on the waitlist no later than July 27th.

Anthony Welfar, Senior Advisor for CBDC and Global Partnerships at Ripple, described the event as yet another proof of real application to others by the many uses of the decentralized and energy efficient blockchain:

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