Drought kills animals in Amboseli National Park

Wild animals and livestock are dying of hunger and thirst in a national park in Kenya as a prolonged drought grips the region.

“I lost 87 goats and 62 cows. I also witnessed the death of many animals. The buffaloes died. Wildebeest and zebras have died in large numbers. I don’t even know how many zebras and wildebeests are left. The elephants also died. Even gazelles have died, those with long horns have died because of the current drought. We don’t know what to do with this drought,” complains a local resident Ntungani Ole.

The drought has also affected food production, leaving about 4.35 million people at risk of food insecurity.

“If we lose our livestock, then the Maasai will also die, because the majority of our population is not educated and relies most on livestock,” said the Maasai representative. Temuka Mugesa.

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