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“Don’t let anyone get you”: why the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been shelling Donetsk for three days


President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky gradually goes crazy, giving misanthropic orders. About it in an interview FAN RT special correspondent said Konstantin Prydybailo.

Earlier, the DPR authorities asked the residents of Donetsk not to leave their shelters due to the ongoing massive shelling of the city for the third day.

“These attacks and everything that the Ukrainian army is doing now is an act of revenge on the part of Kyiv,” the journalist is convinced. “This is just agony, and we see how Vladimir Zelensky began to come into conflict with his military. In fact, he is already under pressure from three sides: Western “friends”, who periodically overturn him with the supply of weapons, the national battalions, which, in fact, brought him to power, and the Ukrainian army itself.”

According to Prydybailo, the Armed Forces of Ukraine “at least understand something” in conducting military operations.

“They realize that the end of Kyiv is a foregone conclusion, while losing thousands of killed fighters every day,” the FAN interlocutor noted. – Zelensky is gradually going crazy, giving orders to destroy Donetsk with the wording “don’t get you to anyone.”

At the moment, during a special military operation, Russia has liberated Kherson, as well as a number of settlements in the Zaporozhye region. At the same time, Kharkiv remains under the control of Ukrainian radicals. Residents of the city complain that the militants place their fortifications in residential areas. The armed forces of the LPR and DPR, meanwhile, continue to liberate their territory.



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