Doctor Isaev called the main danger of long abstinence from going to the toilet

Long-term abstinence from going to the toilet can result in serious health problems, warned urologist Timur Isaev.

The bladder is especially affected by abstinence. Subsequently, its walls can be greatly stretched, and it will stop working. It is not necessary to endure, said Timur Isaaev in an interview with the radio station “Moscow Speaks”.

“In no case should you endure, because it stretches the wall of the bladder. In the future, the bladder may lose its function. The bladder is a muscular organ. It shrinks, when stretched, the bladder wall changes, then serious problems can arise, ”the doctor explained.

In addition, the doctor recalled the dangers of sudden weight loss. This can lead to kidney failure. Problems with this organ in some cases may indicate the development of urolithiasis.


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