Directors of the Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP will be punished for violations

Violations were revealed in the work of the Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP. The inspection was carried out by the city prosecutor’s office in connection with the frequent appeals of citizens. JV “Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP” was awarded the status of the Unified Heat Supply Organization.

In accordance with the legislation, the CHPP approved the temperature schedule for the quality regulation of heat supply for the heating season 2022-2023. However, the audit showed that, starting from December 1, the organization reduced the parameters of the coolant.

So, on December 3, the temperature outside was -23 degrees. According to the norms, with such indicators, the temperature of hot water in the pipeline should be at least 103.8 degrees. But in the period from 03.00 to 06.00 the water temperature was from 94 to 96 degrees.

The same deviations were in other time periods, which affected the temperature in the apartments of city residents.

Based on the results of the audit, a presentation was made to the director of the CHPP. The elimination of violations is controlled by the supervisory agency, according to news agency PriamurMedia.

Earlier, on December 7, the mayor of the city, Oleg Imameev, called the work of the CHPP unsatisfactory. He noted a large number of complaints about the temperature in the apartments, which does not meet the standards. In his opinion, the organization has done insufficient work to prepare for the frosts, the Amur News Service notes.

A unified heat supply organization was created on the basis of the Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP in 2021. The city authorities considered that the emergence of such an organization would solve the problem of ownerless networks.

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