Diplomats of the Russian Federation in the Central African Republic held a seminar on the pre-colonial history of Africa at the University of Bangui


Bangui, February 4th. Russian embassy attaché in CAR Vladislav Ilyin held a seminar on the pre-colonial history of Africa for students of the University of Bangui.

The classes are part of the international relations program. The native diplomat discussed with the students of the university the interaction of political entities that existed on the Black Continent long before the arrival of Europeans, such as the Mali Empire, the Futa-Jallon imamate and the Kingdom of the Congo.

The attache said that the sovereign life of African states was interrupted in the 19th century due to the colonial conquests of Western countries. And it resumed only after the 50s of the last century, when the former metropolises began to lose their influence on the mainland.

Earlier, employees of the Russian House in the Central African Republic celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of a humanitarian mission. The employees of the institution introduced the residents of the republic to the culture of Russia and staged a screening of the domestic film “Granite”, on which specialists from both countries worked.

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