Digital medical technologies put in their places // Health Monitoring

The emergence of new solutions in IT industries (artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics), the pandemic and an increase in the proportion of patients with chronic diseases have increased the demand for digital technologies in healthcare. Experts from the Institute for Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK HSE), using the iFORA big data analysis system (26,000 sources reflecting the current agenda in science and business, were analyzed), identified the most popular ones. The top 3 technologies included biosensors (first place in research agenda and the second – in the market). They are used in fitness bracelets and “smart” watches for the operational monitoring of body indicators (blood sugar, blood pressure, and others). Also in the top three are electronic medical record technologies that facilitate the work of doctors (second place in terms of significance index in research and third place for the market) and telemedicine (third and first places, respectively, the growth of interest in “remote” treatment was caused primarily by the pandemic). The top ten ….

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