Developers catch buyers on marketplaces

Against the background of limiting the amount of preferential mortgages to 3 million rubles. Since July 1, developers in the Moscow region, where the cost of housing is much higher, are looking for new ways to stimulate sales. The Kortros Group of Companies will place its apartments on the Ozon window, where it will be possible to book an exclusive lot. The marketplace expects other developers to use this sales method as well. But experts warn that developers can use the site in bad faith by offering potential buyers who come from Ozon to purchase a lot on their website or at the sales office, thereby depriving the marketplace of income.

Ozon launched a showcase with apartments in new buildings, the company itself told Kommersant. According to them, on Ozon, buyers will be able to pay for an apartment reservation in the amount of about 2% of its full cost, which will be taken into account by the developer as a deposit: “This amount will be considered the earnings of the marketplace.”

So far, only one developer has connected to the service – Kortros Group of Companies, but later the marketplace intends to expand the pool of developers whose properties will appear on Ozon Services, the company added.

“Such services will provide additional economic benefits,” says Stanislav Kiselev, General Director of Kortros Group.

Ozon Business Development Director Sergey Pankov noted that such a symbiosis will give the developer access to the audience of the site, and the marketplace – access to a new category of services and an increase in the range. An additional incentive to buy an apartment through the marketplace will be the placement of exclusive lots that cannot be purchased on the developer’s website or at the sales office.

But with all the prospects of the project, there are certain risks, warns the general director of “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov. According to him, the developer must be interested in replicating sales through the marketplace. “If the developer, after the client’s call, tries to sell not an exclusive offer on Ozon, but an alternative option, for example, another lot on the website or in the sales office, then the marketplace will not be interested in developing such a showcase. But if the developer acts in good faith, then marketing costs using the marketplace model will be less than in other sales channels, and the cost of attracting a client will be lower, ”the expert explains.

Buyers use the marketplace rather for impulse purchases, says ILM partner Andrei Lukashev.

This could be a good anti-crisis measure for Moscow developers, who will no longer be able to increase sales through preferential mortgages due to the limitation of the purchase amount to 3 million rubles. from July 1, ”Mr. Lukashev is sure.

The full cycle of purchasing real estate online can attract buyers from other regions who do not have the opportunity to buy an apartment in the sales office, he concludes.

Daria Andrianova

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