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Demographers predict a “wide range” in the number of Russians

By the end of the 21st century, Russia’s population may range from 67.4 to 216.7 million people. Demographers of the Higher School of Economics came to this conclusion.

In 2019, the UN presented a not so optimistic forecast. The Organization suggested earlier that the population of the Russian Federation will fall to 99.7 million people by 2078.

Scientists have developed 30 scenarios for the development of events, one third of which assumes a population growth of up to 160 million people and more. At the same time, in five scenarios, the indicator will remain at the level of 146-156 million people, and in the remaining 16 scenarios, it will be reduced below 140 million. Meanwhile, 11 of the worst-case scenarios are expected to fall below 120 million.

According to demographers, the most likely scenario should be considered a decline in the population of Russia by the end of the 21st century to 137.5 million people. The natural decline in the population will be 353,000 per year, and the annual migration influx will be about 245,000.

As reported, during a meeting with young entrepreneurs, Russian President Vladimir Putin called demography the top priority that the country is now facing. He stressed that there should be more Russians and they should be healthy.


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