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Datsik reproached Monson for not knowing the Russian language

Mixed style fighter Vyacheslav Datsik (Red Tarzan) reproached world heavyweight champion Jeff Monson for not knowing the Russian language. Thus, the fighter answered the opponent, who had previously stated that he was “more Russian”.

“Saryn on the kichka. Jeff, before you say who is more Russian, first learn Russian. For a Russian, you speak too much English. But we also know how, we also traveled around Europe, ”said Datsik.

On July 20, Monson said that even when he was a child, he was already interested in the culture and history of Russia, and he felt the Russian soul long before he received a Russian passport. He noted that he has a Russian wife and children and that he is “100% more Russian” than Datsik.

In turn, former Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko said on July 24 that the fighter Monson got excited when he called himself more Russian than Datsik. Shlemenko noted that Monson “still hasn’t learned how to speak Russian” in Russian. At the same time, the ex-Bellator champion emphasized that Monson sincerely loves Russia, because he is treated very well here.

Jeff Monson is a two-time ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship winner, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, former UFC Heavyweight Championship contender. The 51-year-old fighter has 60 wins, 26 losses and one draw.

Datsik is a Russian professional boxer, mixed martial artist, kickboxer and thai boxer. In fights without rules, he began to participate as a teenager. Then he got the nickname Red Tarzan. The features of the fighter were eccentricity and unexpected crushing blows.

The confrontation between Monson and Datsik will be the main one in the tournament as part of the REN TV Fight Club, which will be held on August 5. Tickets for the event are available via the link.

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