Daria Moroz will direct the mini-series “Sex. Before and after”

Moscow Agency |  Kirill Zykov
Moscow Agency | Kirill Zykov

Actress Daria Moroz decided to try herself as a director. Together with the Okko online cinema, she will shoot the mini-series “Sex. Before and after”.

The project of Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov and Moroz will tell about the relationship of people before and after sex. The plot consists of several short stories. In one of them, a guy decides to have a baby with his best friend, in another, a vegetarian woman wonders if sex is contrary to her beliefs, and in the third, two strangers are arguing about feminism and suddenly find themselves in bed.

“All short stories are life sketches, in which there is a lot of humor, irony, shifters and recognizable situations. We have an amazing pool of artists and a cool production team,” Moroz said.

The producer of the project will be Anton Morozenko, the cameraman will be Pavel Belyavsky. In total there will be 14 episodes of 15 minutes each. Angelina Pakhomova, Anna Snatkina, Pavel Chinarev, Yana Koshkina, Kristina Alexandrova, Angelina Strechina and others also take part in the tape, the kinobusiness.com portal reports.


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