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Cyclic history: what is the reason for the annual fish kill in the reservoirs of St. Petersburg

TASS / Zuma
TASS / Zuma

Residents of St. Petersburg regularly face the problem of a pestilence of fish in the waters of the city. The fry now and then float up belly up. Ecologist Sergei Gribalev in the comment FAN explained why this tragic story in the Northern capital is cyclical.

According to the interlocutor, the causes of the death of river fish, especially in spring, are directly related to the work of public utilities, or rather, to snow removal.

“In St. Petersburg, this happens from time to time, especially after winter, when all the dirt comes off the streets. Snow is thrown off the roads directly into the Neva. We recorded how it all happens. These pollutants accumulate and dissolve on warm days. In addition, sunlight and positive temperatures serve as a kind of catalyst for pollutants, especially oil products. The water is becoming more and more toxic, which causes fish to die, ”explained the ecologist.


In the summer, a new test comes for the inhabitants of St. Petersburg waters – the leisure of tourists, which the authorities turn a blind eye to.

“Don’t forget about pollutant emissions. People in an attempt to earn money actively rushed to provide private rafting services for tourists on boats. We have also recorded more than once how rainbow films appear around water vehicles. Unfortunately, monitoring of water bodies is now at a very low level, which is why pollution occurs,” Sergey Gribalev noted.

Earlier, the head of the environmental organization “Green Cross” also explained the mass death of fish in the reservoirs of St. Petersburg. Yuri Shevchuk. He drew attention to the fact that unscrupulous producers often dump waste into rivers, violators are difficult to identify due to the large number of legal entities.



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