Curve offered a $1.85 million reward for information about the cracker


DEX Curve Finance has offered a $1.85 million reward for identifying a hacker who hacked into the platform in order to bring him to justice.

Curve offered a $1.85 million reward for information about the cracker
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“The deadline for voluntary refunds of the Curve exploit has expired. We are now expanding the reward to the public and offering 10% of the hacker’s remaining funds (currently $1.85 million),” the exchange said in a statement.

On July 30, an unknown person attacked the Curve stablecoin pools using a vulnerability in the Vyper code. Initially, the total losses from the hack were estimated at $47 million. According to Defi Llama, the amount increased to $61.7 million.

In early August, the hacker partially returned the funds by transferring assets worth more than $20 million to the JPEG’d and Alchemix projects. The attacker received the promised reward of 10% of the amount.

Curve said that if the hacker fully reimburses the stolen funds, they will stop prosecuting him.

In a transaction message for Alchemix, the attacker explained the decision to return the assets not by fear of being caught, but by unwillingness to destroy the project.

“Maybe for many people this is a lot of money, but not for me. Damn, I’m smarter than all of you,” he wrote.

Recall that JPMorgan analysts concluded that the consequences for the DeFi ecosystem from the attack on Curve appear to be localized.

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