CTO Kraken spoke about the benefits of AI for the crypto market


The new CTO of the Kraken crypto exchange, Vishnu Patankar, believes that the growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and language models will have a major impact on the digital asset industry.

In his opinion, the generative art used in the NFT, the fight against fraud and cybersecurity are “symbiotic areas” between the crypto market and AI.

“It’s hard to ignore the power of large language AI models. However, it will be interesting to see which business models survive the initial cycle of hype and the path to market fit, revenue and profitability,” he added.

Another commonality between digital assets and AI, Patankar called the processing of large amounts of data with huge computing power.

He believes that through symbiosis, technologies can be applied to mutual benefit, including in the field of customer service.

As a new CTO Patankar plans to scale the platform to “the most promising aspects of Web3” while maintaining a focus on security and service.

He has over 20 years of experience in tech companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Intel and Groupon. Prior to joining Kraken, Patankar worked with StockX to help develop NFTs.

Recall, according to a study by the KuCoin exchange, 59% of crypto users positively perceive the integration of AI with blockchain technologies.

Previously, 61% of Americans called artificial intelligence a threat to humanity.

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