crypto industry participants are ready for the AI ​​era


59% of crypto users positively perceive the integration of artificial intelligence with blockchain technologies. This is stated in the study of the KuCoin exchange, which was reviewed by the editors of ForkLog.

Experts surveyed 1,125 respondents around the world in May 2023. A feature of the study is a comparison of attitudes towards technology among generations X, Y and Z.

The results showed that:

  • 90% have used or plan to use artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of everyday life;
  • 64% of respondents are at least somewhat familiar with applications that combine AI, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading;
  • ChatGPT was the most popular tool among the respondents. It is preferred by 51% of respondents;
  • 59% of respondents would like to use AI applications in the fields of blockchain and trade;
  • 48% of users worry about privacy and security issues;
  • 45% of respondents fear losing control of AI and job automation, which could lead to layoffs. There is a lot of concern among the older category of users.

In general, Generations Y and Z showed higher levels of technology adoption compared to Generation X.

KuCoin Survey Key Findings
The main conclusions of the survey. Data: KuCoin.

According to the researchers, the trends highlight the growing interest in artificial intelligence in the crypto industry. KuCoin CEO Johnny Liu said the results of the survey will form the basis of future efforts to create “advanced solutions and move the industry forward.”

Recall that in May, 61% of Americans called AI a threat to humanity.

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