Crypto Exchange Bitget Introduces AI to Grid Trading Strategies

Bitget_brings_AI_to_grid trading
Bitget_brings_AI_to_grid trading

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has added artificial intelligence (AI) grid trading to its Trading Bots section. This was reported on the platform blog.

Grid trading is a strategy for trading in a volatile market without a clear trend, which is based on identifying patterns in a large array of historical data.

The user places pending orders to buy and sell in a certain price range. When the value of an asset fluctuates greatly, orders are filled and it makes a profit.

According to Bitget Managing Director Gracie Chen, the integration of AI into grid trading trading bots has made it easier for new traders to analyze information:

“The financial sector has long used AI to create sophisticated trading strategies. We also want to make them available to our customers. Bitget will continue to implement artificial intelligence into its services to provide traders with useful tools and improve their user experience.”.

Based on their risk tolerance, Bitget clients can choose from three grid trading modes:

  • conservative – for beginners who want to minimize risks;
  • safe – for investors who prefer balanced trading;
  • aggressive – for experienced traders who make a lot of trades in the market in order to maximize profits.

Bitget is a cryptocurrency exchange for spot and futures trading, P2P and OTC transactions, as well as passive income on Bitget Earn products. The platform is actively developing tools for social trading – a service for copy trading and a platform for publishing trading ideas Bitget Insights.

Earlier, Bitget launched a Martingale trading strategy using AI. It allows you to automatically invest in cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage.

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