In Russia, there is an exuberant demand for river cruises, 75-100% of summer tours have already been sold, said Andrey Mikhailovsky, general director of the Infoflot cruise center. According to him, the number of passengers could break a 15-year record. The increase in tour sales was influenced by the cashback program and the closure of Turkey.

“For the summer, depending on the voyage, 75-100% of the seats on the ships have already been sold. The occupancy rate is now 20-25% higher compared to the summer of 2019. At the same time, from the point of view of passenger traffic, 2021 will be a record for the last 15 years, ”said Mr. Mikhailovsky to Izvestia.

He noted that the offer for cruises this year is larger, as many ships are reoriented from foreign travelers to Russian ones. According to him, by the end of the year, cruise companies can reach the pre-crisis level in profits and cover losses in 2020. Andrey Mikhailovsky said that prices compared to 2019 increased by 5-10%, the average check is from 5.5 thousand rubles. per person per day.