Criminals kidnapped the grandson of a resident of the Voronezh region due to a multi-million dollar debt

In the Voronezh region, criminals “hung” a multi-million dollar debt on an elderly local resident and kidnapped his 18-year-old grandson. Now law enforcement officers are dealing with the attackers, writes the news Telegram channel Baza.

The incident took place the day before in the village of Chertovitsy. According to the source, three men drove up to the pensioner’s Toyota Land Cruiser, in which his grandson was sitting. One of them grabbed the young man and dragged him into his car, and the rest sat down with the elderly Voronezh resident for a conversation.

During the conversation, the attackers said that last year the man allegedly borrowed 30 million rubles from an unknown citizen. Three hours later, the pensioner could not stand the pressure and threats to the health of his grandson and signed a receipt on the obligation to return the money next year. Immediately after that, the young man was released.

In turn, the grandfather of the young man filed a corresponding statement with the police. Now, a criminal case has been initiated on this fact under articles on kidnapping and extortion. Wanted criminals.


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