Cotton buds may be banned in Russia

Cotton buds and disposable tableware may be banned in Russia in the near future, the press service of the Russian environmental operator (REO) said. The ban could be one of the measures to eliminate the use of difficult-to-recycle materials.

“In Russia, legislative amendments are now being prepared to ban non-recyclable plastic and hard-to-recover types of waste. What types of packaging and goods will eventually be included in the list will be determined by the REO together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. But now we can say that one of the main candidates are disposable straws and cotton swabs,

disposable cutlery made of plastic, because it is difficult to extract them from the total mass of waste in order to send them further for recycling, ”the RER press service quoted TASS as saying.

The organization asks not to use disposable cutlery because they are not recyclable “even if washed and thrown into a recycling bin.”

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, head of the United Russia party, said in early June that he considered it necessary to gradually abandon difficult-to-recycle materials. On June 8, the Ministry of Natural Resources submitted for public discussion amendments to the law “On production and consumption waste” on the complete disposal of packaging from 2022.

About the reform of business responsibility for waste – in the material of “Kommersant” “The White House is again taking ROP into its own hands.”

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