Costs for medicine in the Voronezh region will grow by 15 percent

The volume of the state program “Health Development” is determined taking into account the upcoming increase in wages for doctors, indexation of expenses for socially significant and priority needs.

In the Voronezh region, the implementation of the national projects “Healthcare” and “Demography” will continue.

According to the Healthcare national project, funding for 2023 will amount to more than 6.9 billion rubles. In particular, the provision of the regional project “Development of the primary health care system” will increase by almost 20 percent compared to the parameters of 2022, to 146.4 million rubles. The funds will be used to ensure the work of air ambulance.

Under the project “Fight against oncological diseases” expenses will grow by 2.3 times – up to more than four billion rubles. The main part of the funds – 3.9 billion – will be directed to the construction of surgical and radiotherapy buildings for the Voronezh Regional Oncology Center. Also, within the framework of the project, it is planned to re-equip specialized medical organizations.

In 2023, funding for the “Modernization of Primary Health Care” direction will increase by almost a third: over 2.1 billion will be spent on the construction and overhaul of medical institutions, and the replacement of outdated equipment. Including more than 1.3 billion will be allocated for the construction of medical and obstetric stations and outpatient clinics in rural areas.

For the provision of medical care to pregnant women, women in childbirth and newborns, budget allocations in the amount of more than 101 million rubles are provided – twice as much as in 2022. The cost of providing specialized medical care to children will increase by more than 70 percent. 397.5 million rubles will be allocated for the maintenance of children’s hospitals and children’s departments in 2023.

Appropriations for the development of medical rehabilitation will grow by an order of magnitude. Funds in the amount of 252.2 million rubles will be used for sanatorium rehabilitation of working citizens after inpatient treatment, as well as for equipping or re-equipping institutions with rehabilitation units. More than 528 million are allocated for the maintenance of children’s sanatoriums in the 2023 budget, which is 11 percent more than in the outgoing year.

The cost of training qualified medical workers will increase by a quarter, reaching 50 million rubles.

Financing of social support for certain categories of doctors will remain at the same level. 107.5 million rubles have been reserved for one-time payments to doctors, paramedics, midwives and nurses of FAPs who have moved to work in the countryside.

More than 1.9 billion rubles are provided for medicines for beneficiaries in the regional budget. This includes additional funds (over 521 million) for the purchase of drugs for patients with orphan diseases and self-control products for patients with diabetes.

Almost 23 percent, from 5.8 to 7.2 billion rubles, will increase the financial support for the current activities of medical institutions subordinate to the Department of Health of the Voronezh Region.

– Revenues of the regional budget after the first reading – more than 156.7 billion rubles, expenditure – over 170.6 billion. The current deficit is purely technical. Two thirds of the expenditures are socially oriented. 25 percent of the funds will be allocated for education, 19.7 percent for healthcare, and 15.6 percent for social support,” recalled Vladimir Netesov, chairman of the Voronezh Regional Duma.

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