Cosmos developers have revealed plans for the development of the IBC protocol


The Cosmos blockchain team has presented the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol roadmap for 2024 for “seamless” network interconnection.

The main emphasis is on scaling and convenience. Future plans will reduce the time to implement IBC, reduce maintenance costs, and allow a wider range of blockchains to be able to connect to the protocol.

“On the usability side, the teams plan to work on ensuring multi-package atomicity and improving the middleware by improving the transfer of arbitrary data along with tokens. These steps will make IBC more comfortable and multifunctional for developers,” Cosmos emphasized.

In addition, tools for working with Inter-Blockchain Communication will be separated from SDK Cosmos. A separate platform will be created for them – Interchain Stack.

IBC is a protocol that provides complex internetworking of not only tokens, but also other data. Blockchains in this language can manage accounts remotely and also query information from other ecosystems.

According to a statement from Cosmos, over the past year, 52 million transactions worth $29 billion were made through IBC between more than 100 networks.

In June, the Polkadot project integrated with Cosmos via Inter-Blockchain Communication. Networks on the platform have “met” with more than 50 blockchains that support IBC.

Let us recall that in September, the developers of the Cosmos platform added a liquid staking module to the central blockchain of the Cosmos Hub ecosystem during the update to version v12.

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