cosmonaut Lazutkin spoke about the first flight into space and the intricacies of life in weightlessness

“Our cuisine was quite varied. We ate normal food, the only thing was that it was specially prepared. There are different sets of sublimated dishes in special packages. We added water to the first dishes through a special valve, the food swelled up and became normal, pieces of potatoes and meat float there. On the other hand, this bag has a wide tube through which you can allow yourself to eat this soup by squeezing. Of course, you can’t eat it with a spoon, because it’s water, and you are in zero gravity. The main dishes were also in freeze-dried packages. For example, there was mashed potatoes with meat. We added hot water there, everything in the bag also swelled, then we cut it and ate it with a spoon – nothing flies anywhere here. All food is cooked, just add water and restore to the right temperature and consistency.


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