ConsenSys spoke about the MetaMask Snaps cross-chain project

What is MetaMask?  Forklog explains
What is MetaMask?  Forklog explains

The upcoming MetaMask update – Snaps – will allow users to interact with applications from various blockchains outside EVM-networks. Simon Morris, head of strategy at ConsenSys, told Cointelegraph.

According to Morris, Snaps will act as an App Store for the crypto wallet, allowing third-party teams to launch new dapps.

The first set of applications will pass security checks, and developers will be whitelisted by ConsenSys. In the future, the company wants to make this process as seamless as releasing software on the Internet.

Morris noted that the update will be released “later this year.” Snaps natively supports the Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche, and StarkNet networks.

A ConsenSys representative noted that some users experience fear and anxiety when signing transactions. According to him, the new wallet functionality will be able to smooth out this problem. Snaps will also allow developers to send messages to users.

For those who want to try out the beta version, the MetaMask Flask program is available. However, Morris cautioned that it was more of a toolbox.

Previously, the crypto wallet team integrated the ability to “cash out” digital assets with a withdrawal to a bank card or PayPal account.

According to a CoinGecko report, MetaMask became the most popular non-custodial wallet in 2023 with over 22.66 million installs.

Recall that in July, the developers updated the interface of the browser extension in release v10.33.

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