Consensys launched the alpha version of the mainnet L2 platform Linea


Consensys developers launched alpha version of Linea mainnet second level solutions based on ZK-Rollups technology.

The platform is fully compatible with EVM supports the core network code, and developers can use existing tools and infrastructure.

Consensys stated that Linea aims to offer a cost-effective solution for developers and users, with transaction costs 15 times lower than Ethereum.

The ecosystem of the project includes over 100 protocols.

The solution is integrated by MetaMask, Infura, Diligence and Hyperledger Besu.

“Next chapter Web3 will write on Ethereum L2. Linea is poised to become the main runtime for scalable dapps“, Consensys founder and CEO Joe Lubin said.

Within a week, the team will engage partners to integrate applications and the necessary infrastructure.

On July 19, during the ETHCC conference, developers will open access to the general public.

The launch of the main network followed the successful completion of tests within the Goerli testnet.

At this stage, 5.5 million unique wallets were involved, which made over 46 million transactions within three months.

The developers reported no plans to launch a utility token. Any advertisement for the Linea token is a scam, they warned.

Recall that in May 2023, the Linea platform introduced a loyalty program aimed at enhancing the use of the testnet.

Earlier, support for the L2 solution was added by the Symbiosis Finance multi-chain liquidity protocol.

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