Congresswoman announced the threat to deprive the dollar of the status of world currency because of Ukraine

The US policy regarding the situation around Ukraine may lead to the loss of the status of the world currency by the dollar, Republican member of the House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green said on January 29.

“This could lead to the fact that the dollar will no longer be a world currency. Due to our own arrogance and “struggle to save democracy” in non-NATO Ukraine, Russia is proving to the world under heavy sanctions that it doesn’t need the US dollar or friendship with Washington to trade and prosper,” she tweeted. .

The Republican recalled that two years ago everyone lived in peace throughout the world, and now the situation is different.

“Innocent victims are the inhabitants of every country who pay taxes to those in power. The proxy war between the United States and Russia in Ukraine <...> is most beneficial to China. <...> It drains our military resources, causes inflation, hurts world trade, and the Americans do not support this, ”she wrote on Twitter.

The congresswoman added that America must immediately stop the war in Ukraine, noting that she constantly voted against the billions sent to Kyiv under the guise of aid.

“I have repeatedly called for public audits, since the corruption in our $113 billion is known to our people. The result will be a waste of our military supplies and more deaths while China rises,” she tweeted.

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