Collectors complained to Bastrykin about Milonov

The National Organization of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPKA) sent a complaint to the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, against State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov, RBC reports. The complaint is connected with the statement of Mr. Milonov about the collectors: the deputy on the air of the program “Stars converged” on NTV called them “inhumans”, “bastards”, “scoundrels” and “bastards”.

“It has been established that in Milonov’s statements about the group of persons“ collectors ”negative information is reported, <...> there are signs of humiliation of the group. It was also found that the statement contains signs of humiliation, insult to the collectors as a group of persons united on a professional basis and as a social group, ”the complaint of NAPKA says.

“I certainly see this as a form of intimidation and as an attempt to put pressure on me and prevent my position from being publicly expressed. I believe that the institution of collectors has no right to exist in the form in which it is now. I hope that soon the collectors’ association will call itself a gang or a gang, because that is what the people involved in illegal fishing call themselves. In general, the point of view of the collectors is not interesting to me, I am interested in the point of view of my voters, ”commented Mr. Milonov.

RBC notes that in April 2021, NAPKA sent a statement to the head of the TFR with a request to check Milonov’s words for signs of incitement to hatred or enmity (Article 282 of the Criminal Code), but they were redirected to the police. The association never received a response. They noted that statements about criminal offenses with the participation of State Duma deputies are still considered by the head of the TFR.

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