CoinEx promised 100% compensation to affected users

CoinEx_promises_100__compensation_due to_recent_attack
CoinEx_promises_100__compensation_due to_recent_attack

The CoinEx cryptocurrency exchange has promised full compensation for losses to users affected by the recent hack of the site. This was reported by representatives of the trading platform in an exclusive commentary to ForkLog.

On September 12, PeckShield analysts discovered a “suspicious outflow” of funds from CoinEx. On the same day, the exchange team responded to the incident at X.

According to a statement from CoinEx, the risk monitoring system detected anomalous withdrawals from several hot wallet addresses. The exchange promised 100% compensation for any losses associated with the hack.

CoinEx said the exchange’s security team is tracking the stolen funds.

“On September 12, we published a list of hacker addresses on X and contacted various blockchain companies that will monitor and freeze funds on their platforms,” CoinEx representatives said.

Exchange published lists of addresses of attackers in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, XRP, Solana, BNB Chain, Kadena, Bitcoin Cash, XDAG, Arbitrum, OP Mainnet and Stellar networks.

“Users are concerned that they cannot withdraw assets from CoinEx. This is a temporary measure to ensure the safety of funds. The withdrawal will be resumed as soon as the hacker wallets are fully identified and isolated after a thorough check,” representatives of the platform noted.

At the same time, the CoinEx team emphasized that it is currently still assessing the amount of losses.

Let us remind you that SlowMist specialists analyzed the addresses associated with the CoinEx hack and found out that the estimated damage was ~$55.5 million. They suspected hackers from the Lazarus Group of hacking the exchange.

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