CoinEx has set zero commissions for market makers


Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx has updated the CoinEx Pro Trader Program – lowered the entry threshold for market makers in spot markets, introduced zero commissions and rebates. This was reported on the trading platform blog.

The changes affected market makers of all levels from the first (LV1) to the fifth (LV5). The rate for the latter was -0.02% instead of 0%.

“Previously, the lowest rate for market makers on CoinEx was 0.05% when exchanging stablecoins. Now we offer zero rates in almost all markets,” the crypto exchange team commented.

According to the new rules, to be included in the monthly rating of market makers, you need to reach $1 million in trading volume per month instead of $5 million.

Before the update, the TOP-20 participants of this list received rebates up to -0.02%. Now the exchange charges them to all LV4 and LV5 market makers.

Details of the CoinEx Pro Trader Program update are on the trading platform blog.

CoinEx is a cryptocurrency exchange with spot and futures markets for 718 cryptocurrencies and tokens. The platform has been operating since 2017 CoinEx and serves more than 4 million users from 200 countries and regions.

Previously, the CoinEx Charity fund partnered with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology charity in Vietnam.

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