CoinCall to Giveaway 10,000 ETH in Options to Celebrate Launch


At the beginning of July 2023, the CoinCall crypto derivatives exchange was launched. In honor of this event, the project team launched the Options Carnival contest with a prize pool of 10,000 ETH in options. This was reported on the trading platform blog.

Options Carnival runs until July 11th. To participate you need:

  • register on CoinCall and pass verification;
  • fill out a google form and trade options on the stock exchange.

The platform will credit 0.1 ETH in options for the first trade in the futures or options market. The user will receive a put option for opening a long futures position and a call option for opening a short position, a call option for buying a put option, and vice versa.

Rating participants with numbers with a seven at the end will receive 0.6 ETH in options.

In addition, CoinCall will pay out 0.1 ETH in options to a thousand random users who will be active on social networks:

  • subscribe to the exchange page in Twitter and retweet the Options Carnival announcement mentioning three friends;
  • join the CoinCall community on Telegram;
  • upload screenshots to the Google form with confirmation of the above actions.

Organizers will send rewards within 5-14 business days from the end of the event. Detailed conditions of the promotion are on the website of the exchange.

CoinCall is a crypto derivatives exchange registered in the Bahamas. The exchange does not store client funds and uses the infrastructure of third-party custodial services Copper and Cobo.

“We strive to be the Robinhood of the world of cryptocurrency futures and options, so we offer clients a simple trading interface that sets us apart from competitors like Deribit,” said the CoinCall team.

Recall that in June the total volume of trading on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges increased by 14.2%.

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