Coinbase Receives Over 150 Summit Applications


More than 150 companies and projects have expressed their desire to participate in the Coinbase Ventures Summit. This was told by the head of the bitcoin exchange Brian Armstrong.

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The CEO of Coinbase also added the Web3 version of LinkedIn as the 11th item on his list of concepts that have the potential to shape the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

“It would be great if companies could issue non-transferable tokens to verify employees or verify credentials,” he wrote.

The Coinbase Ventures Summit will be held in Malibu in October 2023. Some participants of the event may receive funding from the bitcoin exchange.

Recall that in August, the developers of the Base L2 platform supported by Coinbase presented a plan for the transition to a decentralized model, involving several technical upgrades and eliminating a single point of failure.

In September, the cryptocurrency exchange launched a crypto lending service aimed at institutional investors. For these purposes, Coinbase raised $57 million.

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