“Clamped, constrained, notorious”: actor Chardymsky appreciated the direct line of Beglov

Maxim Konstantinov/Global Look Press
Maxim Konstantinov/Global Look Press

Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov unable to communicate live. Such a categorical assessment in an interview with FAN was given by the director and actor Alexey Chardymsky.

“Someone can work for the camera,” says the master of the stage genre. “When uncomfortable questions are asked, he either answers well or skillfully avoids answering.”

According to the director, Beglov needs to go through some kind of television school.

“Live is openness, it is the ability to accept questions from journalists, residents and not get lost in front of the cameras,” Chardymsky shares the basics of professionalism. “But the point is not only in acting skills, but also in managerial incompetence, a person swims in those issues in which he should feel confident, especially since he is not the first year in the governor’s chair.”

There are many questions for him, the actor believes. And it’s not just snow removal.

“Why don’t they put up a traffic light until a person is knocked down at a crossroads? And there are a lot of similar examples, the governor and his services work on the principle until the thunder breaks out, ”the director gives an assessment.

“Perhaps this is interconnected with his inhibition on the set. I saw how he works for the camera: he is clamped, constrained, notorious, ”concludes Alexey Chardymsky.

President in 2021 Vladimir Putin gave recommendations to the heads of the subjects of the Federation to conduct at least one direct line with citizens per year. The mayors rushed to fulfill the order of the leader of the state. Here are just some of the duties were treated with full responsibility, while others, as they say, carelessly. On the eve of the online meeting of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, FAN presented the attitude of the mayor to the city and its residents through the prism of the Direct Line.

Among the first who enthusiastically accepted the President’s order were 11 governors, including Andrey Klychkov (Orel Region), Aisen Nikolaev (Yakutia), Igor Kobzev (Irkutsk Region), Mikhail Degtyarev (Khabarovsk Territory), Andrey Chibis (Murmansk Region) and others . For comparison, the head of St. Petersburg left the meeting with the residents at the last moment and held it at the end of the year – December 25th.

In 2022, Beglov also did not excel in direct lines. Also, as in the previous year, the St. Petersburg head held one meeting. For example, the head of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirov, held seven online meetings with citizens, after which he gave 150 protocol instructions.

In addition, many experts and residents of the city called Beglov’s meeting in 2022 a real failure. There were no really exciting topics on the air or they were touched indirectly, the broadcast lasted about an hour with a long break due to technical problems. And after the end of the online meeting, the viewers even suspected that the inclusion was not live, but previously recorded on video.

Earlier, a Petersburger complained about Beglov’s complete incompetence in carrying out the garbage reform.


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