Chinese armed forces conduct long-range live firing exercises off Taiwan

The Chinese armed forces on the border with Taiwan carried out long-range live firing, striking targets in the eastern Taiwan Strait. This was announced on August 4 by the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

It is specified that the shooting began at 13:00 Beijing time (08:00 Moscow time).

“Precise strikes were carried out using long-range artillery, the expected results were achieved,” the document says.

In turn, the newspaper “Huanqiu Shibao” notes that in the near future China will also launch missiles with conventional warheads in areas around Taiwan.

Earlier Thursday, it was reported that China’s People’s Liberation Army had begun large-scale live-fire exercises around Taiwan. The Chinese side issued warnings for ships and aircraft not to enter the water area and airspace in areas where maneuvers are taking place.

The exercise was a response to a visit to Taipei by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and will run from Aug. 4 to noon on Aug. 7.

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