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China responded to flying American speaker with flying missiles

The Chinese military response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit is primarily to Taiwan. In the event of real US military action, Taiwan will not be defended. So says Dmitry Kulikov.

China’s response to the visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan was commensurate. Dmitry Kulikov, a member of the Zinoviev Club of the Rossiya Segodnya media group, spoke about this in the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program (full episodes of programs and individual episodes can be found on the Let’s watch media platform).

“America made a demonstrative action, which was a flying speaker. China also made a demonstrative action. Only instead of a speaker, ballistic missiles, MLRS, long-range artillery shells, aviation fly. And also the entire disposition of the complete blockade of the island is laid out on the map,” the expert said.

Program host Vladimir Solovyov added that Chinese missiles fly not only near Taiwan, but also over the island itself. In addition, China launched hypersonic missiles

Dmitry Kulikov wondered about the effectiveness of such a show of force on the part of China. He cited the example that a mobile application is being distributed in Taiwan that shows the nearest bomb shelter on the island.

“Pelosi is certainly cool – she flew in and flew away. And the Taiwanese are looking for the nearest bomb shelter. The Chinese comrades answer very accurately and proportionately,” the expert believes.

He stressed that the Chinese demonstration in the form of military exercises is primarily intended for Taiwan. If China uses force against the island, the United States will not protect Taiwan, Kulikov concluded.


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