China pointed to chaos around the world due to the use of force by the United States

The United States, through its indiscriminate use of force, is creating havoc around the world. This was stated at a briefing on December 2 by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

A few days ago, US Secretary General Anthony Blinken said that at a meeting in Romania he discussed with NATO colleagues how to respond to challenges from China. In particular, Washington points to the non-transparent military development of China and the dissemination of false information by Beijing.

Lijian pointed out that the US is full of Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice. He noted that Washington is a master of coercive diplomacy: threats of force, economic sanctions, political isolation.

“It is the US that creates chaos all over the world <...> US warplanes and ships are constantly appearing in all parts of the world <...> Who ultimately undermines international and regional security and stability? The truth is obvious at a glance,” Lijian said.

He stressed that Washington must immediately stop its attacks on Beijing. Healthy and stable relations between the two countries require joint efforts, the official added.

In November, Politico columnist Lily Baier wrote that a split was brewing between NATO countries over building relations with China.

In the same month, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that bloc confrontation could only hinder world progress.

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