Chemezov proposed to change the name of the Sukhoi Superjet

Rostec may hold an all-Russian competition to choose a new name for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) aircraft, said the head of the state corporation Sergei Chemezov. In his opinion, the Russian airliner should not be “called by an English abbreviation.” Mr. Chemezov spoke about the possible rebranding of SSJ 100 back in 2019.

In 2020, Rostec began work on a new version of the passenger liner, named SSJ-New, its production was planned to begin in 2024. “We are creating a new modification of the Superjet, and this work is still ahead. I think that the name should be changed, of course. Why should a Russian-made aircraft be called an English abbreviation? ” – said Sergei Chemezov in an interview with RBC.

He clarified that the state corporation “has not yet thought” about what name the SSJ 100 can give. “Maybe we will announce an all-Russian competition (to choose a new name. – “B”) “, – added the head of Rostec.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 is a Russian short-haul narrow-body passenger aircraft. The liner is designed to carry 98 passengers over a distance of 4.4 thousand km. It was launched into commercial operation in 2011. SSJ-New is expected to have about 97% of Russian components, including the new PD-8 engine.

The rebranding of the SSJ 100 began to be discussed after the plane crash with the airliner that occurred at Sheremetyevo on May 5, 2019. Then SSJ 100 caught fire during landing, resulting in the death of 41 people out of 83 on board. Pilot Denis Evdokimov is accused of violating the rules for operating air transport. He believes that the plane did not meet airworthiness standards. Aeroflot blamed a training simulator as the cause of the crash.

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