Charles Hoskinson accused Ethereum of plagiarism


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin presented a new proposal to decentralize the blockchain, to which Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson responded with an ironic GIF.

Changes affect node operators, staking pools, and delegators.

According to Buterin, the “Ethereum status quo” can be characterized as including a large share of new two-tier staking. This situation has two main disadvantages: the risk of centralization among node operators and the high load on the consensus mechanism.

As a solution to the problem, the developer proposed reducing the staking reward by four times and introducing restrictions on the maximum number of blocked assets to 6.25 million ETH. Buterin also planned to expand powers for delegates.

Under the post of the Ethereum co-founder, many active members of the Cardano community appeared, who accused him of plagiarism.

“Is Ethereum going to dress up as Cardano for Halloween?” the user asked.

By opinion Hoskinson himself, Ethereum developers “literally admitted” that they need to copy Ouroboros, Cardano’s consensus protocol.

One of the commentators statedthat blockchain “pioneered liquid staking and delegation pools for consensus many years ago.” He noted that this happened with “100% uptime and no messy hard forks.”

In September 2022, Hoskinson criticized Ethereum Classic for unrealized potential. He later called the project a “scam.”

Let us recall that in August 2023, the Polygon Zero protocol team, based on zero-knowledge evidence, accused the developers of the zkSync Era L2 network of stealing code.

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