The head of Mariupol Ivashchenko announced an explosion in one of the residential areas of the city

“The explosion was during garbage collection. I do not exclude that it happened at the next” surprise “left by our Ukrainian” friends “, as it happens from time to time,” he said. The details of what happened are being specified. The area where the explosion occurred is residential, but the house itself is not inhabited. … Read more

Lukashenka urged to involve students, workers and civil servants in the harvesting of potatoes and beets

For the successful completion of the harvest and a worthy end to the agricultural year, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko proposed actively attracting young students to help farmers. The Belarusian leader drew the attention of the regional leadership to this on October 3, when making regular personnel decisions, BelTA informs. First of all, Lukashenka pointed … Read more

A judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine found a Russian passport

It is noted that the conclusion of the SBU is based on “data from the registers of the Russian Federation.” According to the court, on Monday there will be a meeting of judges of the Cassation Economic Court as part of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The issue of early dismissal of Lvov from the … Read more

Matvienko urged to allocate 10 billion rubles for the restoration of children’s camps in 2023

Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko asked Finance Minister Anton Siluanov to allocate 10 billion for the implementation of the summer children’s recreation program in the draft budget for 2023, and not just for 2024 and 2025. “Each year, fewer and fewer children can improve their health. We turned to the president, the president … Read more

Major British Conservative donor defected to Labor

According to the Times, he called British Prime Minister Liz Truss and British Treasury Secretary Quasi Kwarteng “fanatics” and Labor leader Cyrus Starmer and his associates “reasonable men on their feet.” According to Quarry, the Tories have made Britain a laughingstock in recent years. He was furious when he found out about the Truss plan … Read more

Psychophysiological support laboratory of Kalinin NPP successfully passed certification

As explained by the chairman of the commission, the chief expert of the Department of personnel training of the concern Larisa Andryushina, the certification procedure included a comprehensive check of all areas of activity of the LPPO, training and maintaining the qualifications of specialists, laboratory equipment, the availability of regulatory documents, methodological support, etc. “The … Read more

Marochko: Attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Kremennaya manage to be contained

According to him, after leaving the Krasny Liman, the servicemen entrenched themselves on the outskirts of Kremennaya, “and now it’s pretty hot there.” “The enemy does not stop trying to break through our defenses, but our heroes are coping with the tasks at the moment,” Marochko said. He also said that the Armed Forces of … Read more

Ugra has become a leader in the implementation of projects initiated by residents

During the event, the results of the competition for the best projects that are being implemented in the regions of Russia at the initiative of the residents themselves were summed up. Thus, 1088 projects from 65 regions of the country were presented. Of these, twelve were selected. At the same time, three of them, or … Read more

Japanese Prime Minister: Tokyo maintains course towards concluding a peace treaty with Moscow

The Japanese government will continue to pursue a policy aimed at resolving the territorial issue and concluding a peace treaty with Russia. This was stated by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. According to the politician, now relations between the two countries “are in a difficult state.” “Our country will adhere to a policy aimed at solving … Read more