Russia became the leader in the number of cryptocurrency threats

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The most popular method of deception is fake investment platform websites, where potential investors are lured with aggressive advertising tools. In Russia, a surge in the interest of fraudsters in the owners of crypto wallets was recorded, despite the fact that all over the world in the period from May to August of this year, … Read more

The Pension Fund explained to whom pensioners will be paid 10 thousand rubles

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“Citizens permanently residing in Russia and who, as of August 31, 2021, are recipients of pensions paid by the Russian Pension Fund, will be able to receive the payment,” the department said. Earlier it became known that payments to Russian pensioners in the amount of ten thousand rubles will begin to be transferred as early … Read more

National Savings Certificate Scheme of Post Office, you are getting 6.8% interest

The post office or post payment bank is running many small saving schemes. On investing in these schemes, you are completely safe and tax free. Also you get more interest than Fixed Deposit (FD). Today, we are telling you about one of these schemes, the National Saving Certificate (NSC) scheme. By investing money in it, … Read more

Invest here – double profits will be made in less money

If you are planning to invest somewhere and there is a dilemma in your mind as to how and where to invest. So we tell you that there is a scheme of Life Insurance Corporation of India, where you can earn good profit by investing less. Actually, LIC Nivesh Plus Plan is single premium, non-participating, … Read more