Gazprom confirms stop of gas pumping through Nord Stream during scheduled works

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Gas supplies via Nord Stream have been completely stopped, today scheduled work begins at the gas pumping unit of the Portovaya compressor station (CS), Gazprom confirmed. Earlier, the shutdown of the Nord Stream became known from the data of the pipeline operator Nord Stream AG and the operators of the German gas transmission systems (GTS). … Read more

Miller said Nord Stream is operating at 20% capacity due to anti-Russian sanctions

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Nord Stream is operating at 20% of its design capacity due to anti-Russian sanctions: Western opponents issued so many sanctions documents that they created confusion and fell into the sanctions trap, said Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller. “The Portovaya compressor station is currently 20% loaded, and the reason for this is anti-Russian sanctions. Our opponents have … Read more

Siemens cannot carry out regular repairs of Nord Stream

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Siemens has practically no opportunity to provide regular overhauls of units for the Nord Stream, it has nowhere to carry them out, said the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller. “Today, Siemens has practically no opportunity to provide regular overhauls of our gas pumping units. Siemens simply has nowhere to carry out these works,” Miller said … Read more

G7 finance ministers to discuss Russian oil price cap on Friday

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The finance ministers of the G7 countries will discuss on Friday an initiative to introduce a ceiling on Russian oil prices, John Kirby, coordinator of the US National Security Council for strategic communications, said at a briefing on Wednesday. “The President (Joe Biden – ed.) and the leaders of the G7 countries have instructed their … Read more

US Department of Energy: the country’s strategic oil reserve fell to a minimum in December 1984

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The strategic oil reserve in the US for the week of August 26 fell by 3.1 million barrels – up to 450 million barrels, which is the lowest level since December 1984, following the weekly review of the Energy Information Administration of the country’s Energy Ministry. The indicator reached its lowest level since the week … Read more

Exchange prices for gas in Europe fell by 12 percent to $2,417 per thousand cubic meters

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Exchange prices for gas in Europe are losing 12%, falling below $2,450 per thousand cubic meters, according to data from the London ICE exchange. The nearest – October – futures (according to the index of the largest European hub TTF) opened trading at $2,792.6 per thousand cubic meters (+1.8%). As of 15.50 Moscow time, futures … Read more

The CSR told why gas prices could soar in Europe now

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MOSCOW, August 17 – Prime. Restrictions on gas supplies to Europe and emergency measures to save it make the market extremely sensitive to any negative information that may affect the consumption of “blue fuel” or its supply, said Sergei Kolobanov. Last Monday, gas futures prices in Europe for the first time since the beginning of … Read more

Gazprom predicts gas prices in Europe to rise above $4,000 per thousand cubic meters in winter

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MOSCOW, 16 Aug — In winter, gas prices in Europe can break through the bar of four thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters, predicted Gazprom on the Telegram channel. The company noted that now gas is traded above 2.5 thousand dollars on European spot exchanges. “According to conservative estimates, if the trend continues, prices will … Read more

The level of occupancy of gas storage facilities in Germany exceeded 76%

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BERLIN, 15 Aug – The filling rate of German gas storage facilities has exceeded 76%, and the goal of filling up to three-quarters by September 1 has been achieved, informs Federal Network Agency. Germany has previously adopted legislative amendments that oblige gas storage operators to fill them by 95% by November. According to the new … Read more